Attendance Winners

At Uphall Primary School we believe it is important to reward good attendance and recognise how motivational this can be for our children.


We have recently introduced Year Group Mascots and/or Trophies to encourage good attendance.

Nursery – In Nursery our Attendance Mascot is Kevin Minion.  As one of the stars of the film “Despicable Me” Kevin encourages the children to come to Nursery everyday.  The class with the best attendance each week have Kevin in their class and they add photos and their work to his journal to show him all the things they have been learning in Nursery that week.  Kevin says “It’s Not OK, to be Away, Come to Nursery Everyday!”
Reception – Joe Cool is the mascot for our Reception classes.  The Snoopy character holds an assembly each week where the children learn which class have the best attendance.  He then visits the winning class for the rest of the week to see how much learning is going on.  The children record this in his journal and enjoy looking back at all the things they have learned so far during the school year.
Year One and Year Two – Yoda, the wise Jedi character from Star Wars, encourages the children in Years one and two.  With his strange way of talking the children are very enthusiastic to win the best weekly attendance award.
Year Three and Year Four – In Years three and four the children voted to have BB-8 as their attendance mascot.  He is a small robot character also from the Star Wars films.  The children can’t wait to see which class has won his visit to their classroom.
Year Five and Year Six.  An attendance trophy is awarded to the children in our Year 5 and 6 classes when they have the best weekly attendance.

All classes are rewarded with an extra 10 minutes of playtime when their class wins the attendance mascot/trophy.

We also reward the classes who have more than 97% weekly attendance.  Each class has a “Perfect Attendance” poster that they can colour in a letter when they attend 97% or more.  When all the letters are coloured in they also earn an extra 10 minute playtime.

Each week individual children who have 100% weekly attendance are rewarded with a special gold sticker that they wear with pride.


Each term children who have 100% attendance for the term are rewarded with a medal.  In the Autumn term this is Bronze, in Spring it is Silver and in the Summer the medal is Gold.

The class with the best attendance in each year group for the term can chose from a menu of rewards to celebrate their excellent attendance.


At the end of the year the class with the best attendance in EYFS, in KS1 and in KS2 is rewarded with a special prize.  The children can chose from a menu of school trips or events such as a theatre visit, bowling or a trip to the zoo!