Early Years

Although we recognise that many children in the EYFS are not yet of statutory school age we believe it is vital that children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards punctuality and attendance from the very beginning of their school career.

It is important that parents recognise the importance of, and value, the play based learning that is children’s work in the Early Years.  It is in the EYFS that children explore, develop and learn the basic foundations to learning that are fundamental to ensure their knowledge skills and attitudes continue to build from these firm beginnings.  Often children’s progress can be hampered in later years if they have missed out on earlier steps of learning and this can impact negatively on their self-confidence and their achievement.

We invite parents into our Early Years Classrooms and Outdoor Learning Spaces regularly so that parents can see the importance of learning in the Early Years.  During these sessions we support and encourage parents very much to be part of their children’s learning journey.