Make Believe

The UK’s most exciting performing arts school ‘Make Believe’ is coming to Uphall Primary School to give all the students the chance to learn how to sing, dance and act!

Energetic? Enthusiastic? Want to have fun? As well as helping to boost confidence, being part of Make Believe could certainly lead to the discovery of a new star.

How much does it cost?

All students are signed up for four weeks (paid in advance to the school by cheque) £6 per session, running from 2nd May – 23rd May & 6th June - 18th July

The Make Believe workshops are open to all age groups and will start on Tuesday 2nd May from 3:30pm till 4:30pm. All you need to do is fill in the slip and hand it to the reception desk at school.

Once registered, just turn up on the day, in comfortable clothing and your Make Believe journey will begin. (We ask that parents attend on the first day to ask any questions they may have together with seeing what their children will be getting up to).