Reporting to Parents

At Uphall Primary School we believe it is important to keep parents up to date with their child’s attendance. To this end we send attendance reports to every child each term. This enables parents to be aware of their child’s “year to date” attendance rate and if necessary work with the school to improve upon this.

Each term we send out different coloured letters so that parents are clear about how well their child is doing in terms of attendance.

RED letters are sent when a child’s attendance is inadequate i.e. below 90%. This is obviously of concern and although there may be legitimate reasons for such a high level of absence we like to work in partnership with parents to ensure that the child’s attendance rapidly improves.
AMBER letters are sent when a child’s attendance is between 90.1% and 96.9%. This could be better and we ask parents to support us by improving this attendance rate.
GREEN letters are sent to children whose attendance is 97% or above. This letter thanks parents for supporting the school’s target of 97% and congratulates them on achieving a good level of attendance for the year so far.

At the end of the year all parents receive an annual attendance report including a Registration summary. This shows parents the reasons for any absences over the year, with the codes for absence and whether absences are authorised or unauthorised.