Family Maths Course

We're sorry to say that this course is now fully booked. We will be updating this page when more spaces are available.

Who is the course for?

The course is for parents, carers and grandparents of children in primary schools or  Learning Support Assistants, Teaching Assistants, or childminders who want to support children’s learning in maths. You must attend every Monday for the full 5 weeks. If you complete the full course you will receive a certificate outlining your achievement.

Are there any entry requirements?

You will need a basic level of English.

Unfortunately, child care facilities will not be available for young children.

What is the course about?

To improve your knowledge and understanding of how and what children learn in our Numeracy lessons at school.

What will I learn?

Different areas of maths

Number (+, -, x, ÷, %, ¼ )

Measures, shapes and space (area, volume, length, weight)

Handling data (tables, graphs, diagrams)

To become familiar with the numeracy vocabulary and terms use in school

To develop an understanding of how children learn mathematics and develop own understanding

To develop ways to help your children (at home) with maths

To improve and refresh your own mathematical skills

How will the course be taught?

A range of teaching methods will be used, including verbal instruction and explanation, practical demonstration and application.

How will I be assessed?

Through tutor observation, mark completed tasks, open and direct questioning.

What qualification will I get?

This is not a course leading to formal qualification.

Will I need to buy any books or equipment before I start?

Pen, paper and folder for your work.

How can I progress from this course?

Depending on our role, you could further your knowledge by taking up other childcare related studies such as parenting, teaching assistants or childcare courses.