Term Time Holidays

We need to make term time holidays a thing of the past and regarded as an unacceptable thing to do.  As such we need the help and support of all our families.
Help us to reach our target of 97%.


As a school we follow the Redbridge Attendance Strategy which means we do not authorise any holidays during term time.  It is important that children get their full entitlement of Education as this can impact significantly on their learning and life chances.  Every day counts in school and missed learning is difficult to catch up.

If you are planning on taking your child out of school during term time you will need to complete a Leave of Absence Request form providing your intended dates, before your child  takes any time off school.  This is available from the school office and completed forms should be returned there.  This is then passed to the Headteacher for consideration and approval.  Term time holidays will not be authorised.  You may be liable to a fixed term Penalty Notice if you chose to take your child on holiday during term time. 

Often holidays are booked for the school holidays but then circumstances change resulting in the family delaying their return.  We now require flight details to prove that this was not planned from the outset.

Redbridge now also will issue Penalty notices to parents if they do not provide medical evidence and/or flight details for absences before and after a school holiday. We send a text reminder out before each school break so that parents are kept fully informed of this new policy.

It is a proven fact there is a clear link between poor attendance at school and lower academic achievement (Department for Education (DfE), 2012).