Junior Leadership Team

At Uphall Primary School, we believe that pupil voice is an integral part of improving what we do. Therefore, we have created a Junior Leadership Team, with children from Reception to Year 6. We know that our children thrive when they are given new opportunities to develop their skills and abilities. We also believe that as our pupils move into the older age groups within school that they benefit from taking on more responsibilities and make a difference to the education of their peers. In order to join the JLT, pupils needed to demonstrate leadership qualities, such as being an exceptional role model and an ambassador for the high ideals and values that Uphall Primary School strives to represent. This includes being proactive, open-minded, collaborative, confident, and willing to take into account the broad range of views of fellow pupils while keeping learning at the focus of all decision making.

Job Description

  • Meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team and School Governors to question or to put across proposals.
  • Carry out Learning Walks to judge whether children are getting the learning they need from the curriculum.
  • Monitor whether children know what they have to do to improve their learning.
  • Support children and adults to ‘Be committed to inclusion and passionate about learning’
  • Ensure that the children of Uphall are listened to and have a voice about all aspects of school life.
  • Promote the ideals and values of Uphall primary at all times by having a Growth Mindset and Respect everyone you come in contact with.