Phonics at Uphall

At Uphall Primary we use 'Read, Write Inc. Phonics' in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  'Read, Write Inc. Phonics' is taught in over 5000 schools in the United Kingdom.

The ability to read and spell words is enhanced when children receive systematic phonics instruction. Children who are taught phonics systematically are better able to decode and spell, and they show significant improvement in their ability to comprehend text. Older children receiving phonics instruction are better able to decode and spell words and to read text.

We strive to make all of our phonics lessons fun, multi-sensory and as physical as possible, the aim being to meet all learning styles in the class and more importantly the more engaging the activities the better the children will remember. 

All children are expected to progress in line with their peers. Children that need a ‘catch up’ program will be supported and expected to reach an age related expectation by the end of the year.

A Baseline assessment is carried out on all children at the beginning of the teaching year as well as any new arrivals.