Arriving late for school can be very stressful and upsetting for both parents and children.  This can affect children’s learning and does not give the children the best start to the day.  Being on time is a good life habit and it shows respect to others.

If you arrive late i.e. after 8.50 am parents are issued with a red slip reminding them that children should be in school by 8.50.  Children who miss time in school miss out on their learning and this affects their progress.

It is important for parents to instil good habits in their children by modelling the right attitude towards punctuality and learning.  This will help them in their adult life.  Ensure your morning routine leaves plenty of time to get to school.  Help us help your child achieve well.

If children are late more than three times in a week or regularly throughout a half term a letter is sent to their parents with a leaflet to support parents with ways to improve their morning routine.